Franna Crane

A Franna is a 'pick and carry' crane which is similar to a mobile crane in that is designed to travel on public roads, however Pick and Carry cranes have no stabilizer legs or outriggers and are designed to lift the load and carry it to its destination, within a small radius, then be able to drive to the next job.

Pick and Carry cranes are popular in Australia where large distances are encountered between job sites. One popular manufacturer in Australia was Franna, who have since been bought by Terex, and now all pick and carry cranes are commonly referred to as "Franna's" even though they may be made by other manufacturers.

Nearly every medium and large sized crane company in Australia has at least one and many companies have fleets of these cranes. The capacity range is usually ten to twenty tons maximum lift, although this is much less at the tip of the boom. Pick and Carry cranes have displaced the work usually completed by smaller truck cranes as the set up time is much quicker.

Terex Franna Mac 25 Articulated Crane

Maximum lifting Capacity 25t image
Boom Length 18.4m
Jib - length 3m
Max Tip Height 21m
Max radius (0.7t) 18.7m
Pick and carry 25t
Drive/Steer 4x4
Crane weight 23t
Total Counterweight 1.5t
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Terex Franna AT 20 Articulated Crane

Maximum lifting Capacity 20t image
Boom Length 16.8m
Jib - length 17.9m
Max Tip Height 17m
Max radius (1.3t) 15.8m
Pick and carry 16t
Drive/Steer 4x4
Crane weight 20t
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