All Terrain (AT) Cranes

An all-terrain crane is a mobile crane with the necessary equipment to travel at speed on public roads and on rough terrain at the job site.

Using all-wheel and crab steering AT's combine the road ability of truck-mounted Cranes and the maneuverability of RT Cranes. AT's will have between 2-9 axles and are designed for lifting loads up to 1,200 tons.

Liebherr LTM 1080-1 All Terrain Crane

Maximum lifting Capacity 80t Liebherr
Boom Length 48m
Hydraulic luffing Jib - length 19m
Max Tip Height 62.7m
Max radius (0.8t) 50m
Drive/Steer 8x8
Crane weight 48t
Total Counterweight 16t
Download the Liebherr LTM180-1 load chart »  

Grove GMK 4100 All Terrain

Maximum lifting Capacity 80t Grove
Boom Length 54m
Lattice Jib - Lenth 8.7-15m
Max Tip Height 69m
Max radius (1t) 46
Drive/Steer 8x6x8
Crane weight 42.6t
Total Counterweight 19.3t
Download the Grove GMK 4100B load specs »  

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