Work Health & Safety

We are serious about Health & Safety in the workplace. In the interest of achieving optimum safety, performance and service Monsta Cranes supports the Australian mobile crane industry’s initiative of a voluntary crane assessment program. Developed in consultation with the mobile crane industry as a whole, the CraneSafe program aims to strengthen existing safety standards with annual assessments of mobile cranes carried out through independent third party inspections.

The CraneSafe assessment program provides crane owners and operators with a:

  • process for third party assessment of safety aspects of their cranes,
  • common, industry-wide system for assessment of their cranes, and
  • a single method by which crane operators and owners can fulfill their relevant duty of care obligations under Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations.

It is our goal to continue with maintaining the highest levels of Health & Safety standards within both our industry and organisation. Our management of team members and their operational practices along with industry developed measures for maintenance of cranes and equipment is continually reviewed and assessed against identified performance measures. Strategies for improvement are implemented by management both procedurally in workplace practices and as an ongoing process of educating and developing safety awareness in the workplace. This approach by management allows Monsta to continually improve and remain at the forefront of providing a safe, reliable and quality service to our clients.

As an organisation Monsta continually promotes and cultivates Occupational Health and Safety throughout its office, workshop and work locations. Regular training and awareness programs for all team members’ nurtures the workplace culture of health & safety with the goal of maintaining a record of zero lost time injuries. To achieve this end we actively encourage the Monsta team to be aware of workplace hazards, especially previously unidentified ones, and ‘Stop the Job’ if conditions change or risk is perceived, then to recommend or report to supervisors any issues in the workplace that can be improved in order to reduce exposure to risks and hazards.

As we recognise our team of employees as our most valuable asset we actively invest in their continued career growth through further education and training. Team members who show initiative and hard work are promoted, encouraged and guided in their chosen career path by management who firmly believe that continued training and improvement promote an individual’s responsibility and further awareness of safety in the workplace.

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